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CamObs keep you covered. These FAQs can keep you informed. If you can't find an answer to your question, then just reach out for support. We'll get right back to you.

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General Information

Is each slip single use only?

Each CamObs slip can be peeled and applied a few times with ease. We figured our customers would want to be able to quickly remove and apply the slips between pictures, so we chose a balance between adhesiveness and thickness that allows you to more easily grip, stick, and restick your slips while maintaining your privacy when applied correctly.

Can I buy a pack for a friend as a gift?

You can. Just enter their address as the shipping address, and we’ll get the slips over to them.

How many camera covers come in a pack of Camobs?

Every pack of CamObs comes with a total of 30 privacy slips in three different sizes.

Why are there three sizes?

CamObs is meant to protect all your devices in the most convenient discreet manner possible. Whether you are trying to cover a camera on a laptop, a phone, or a webcam, CamObs should be your go-to choice for camera obfuscation. In order to make it easier to fit your needs, we made CamObs in three sizes.

We tend to apply the medium CamObs to our phone's main cameras, the small CamObs to our phone's selfie cameras, and the large CamObs to our laptops. Feel free to use your CamObs in any way that best fits you.


Do you store my credit card information?

We do not store your credit card information in our servers. We're serious about your safety, protection, and security, so we utilize Stripe for payment processing, ensuring that your information is secured with bank-grade security. For more information on Stripe's services, please visit the Stripe about page.

Can I get my money back if I'm not satisfied?

You can. CamObs offers a 30-day warranty if you send back your CamObs packet to our offices. To initiate the return process, please contact us, and let us know you would like to return the product.

If you bought a pack of CamObs from one of our brick and mortar affiliates, you can return the product at the location you bought it with a receipt. Alternatively, you can initiate the return process here with us by contacting us, and leting us know you would like to return the product.


Where are CamObs made?

CamObs were designed, packaged, shipped from, and made in the USA.

Is this for the continental U.S. only?

CamObs are currently available in all 50 states, U.S. territories, and U.S Armed Forces - AA, AE, and AP. Please check back periodically for updates on availability in South America, and Europe.

What happens if I have slips left over after I have covered all my cameras?

Feel free to use the left-over privacy covers in whatever manner you deem appropriate. We recommend keeping them by your desk or nightstand in case you need to apply a fresh cover at a moment's notice. Alternatively, you could let a friend try one on for size.

Can I use my CamObs for anything else?

You can. At CamObs, we found that there has been a shift toward using some pretty bright lights as indicators on household appliances, and sometimes, you just wish you wouldn't need to wear sunglasses to go to sleep in the dark. With your pack of CamObs, you can not only cover your cameras, but also put an end to beaming red, and white lights.

How is it even possible that my webcam is being watched by someone else without my permission?

Hackers and cyber-snoopers gain access to your webcam through a variety of means. Whether by installing software on your device, or simply exploiting some program or standard vulnerability. It is far too common to learn about ways in which a cyber-snooper could have been watching you only after some time has passed with the threat left unnoticed. There are documented cases of sites and apps acting as portals for capturing images of users without the users' consent.

The biggest problem with enumerating the ways in which your camera may already be sending your images to a server without your permission is that, inevitably, we'll be unable to determine the developing vulnerabilities in time to warn you.

Are the camera covers edible?

CamObs privacy slips are not edible.